Best 5 Books to Learn Spring Boot for Java Developers [2021]

Spring Boot is one of the most famous frameworks in the Java world, which used to develop REST application . When we talk about Spring Boot i am mainly focused on Microservices and REST API .

Although there has been lot of online trainings and YouTube videos online , most popular and followed way are books .It is also one of the most on demand skills in the market .I myself has followed the path to Learn Spring framework , Spring Boot REST and Microservices which i am going to explain .

best books to learn spring boot 2021

What is Your level ? Beginner Or Advanced ?

Spring Boot Books For Beginners Online From Amazon

So now if you are a beginner that means you need to Know Spring first , then You should go ahead with Spring Boot .
I have bough this Book from Amazon when I started . It is a Paper Back edition .

Spring In Action

Spring In Action is one of the Most preferred books i have seen used by developers . In my initial days I myself has purchased this book and read it as I wanted to get my concepts clear on Spring .

I had some pre knowledge of spring that I gained googling . But this book has helped me in terms of Skills .

Prerequisite :-

  • Knowledge Of Java and Collections
  • Willing to Explore Spring :)

Benefits Of the Book :-

  • Mix of Real World application and use cases
  • Explains Basics of Spring in Simple Language
  • It also covers Spring 5.0 which is an added advantage.

Spring Boot In Action

This book is my personals favorite book to learn Spring Boot .Once you have learnt Spring , you need one step ahead and move to Spring Boot .

You can still Learn Spring MVC but that should be done via some kind of Project .

Author of the book Craig Walls uses interesting and practical examples to teach you core concepts of spring boot . This book focuses mostly on the examples and not on how you should configure.

Prerequisite :-

Must have some knowledge on Spring prior to this .

Benefits Of the Book :-

  • Understand core spring boot up to point
  • No lengthy content , only to the point .
  • Covers Actuator And Performance aspect

Both the above books are pretty awesome for beginners but once you are in corporate and want to write and know stuffs related to production level app. These books are not enought , I ma now listing down few must read books if you want to move from intermediate developer to an advanced one .

Cloud Native Java

This is one of my best read and must read I recommend to any developer friends of mine .

Authors are Josh Long and Kenny Bastani, and are more than expert on the Spring framework, and it shows in this book. The intros of different aspects of Spring-like MVC, configuration, cloud are excellent, and they have kept it simple even while explaining the complex of the topics .

Pros :-

In depth Concept Of Cloud Applications and complexity involved in Deploying production level applications .

It talks about developing a resilient applications .

Contains in Depth of Cloud Native and Cloud Foundry .

Awesome for developers with quite a bit of experience in Spring .


Not Suited for Noob or a Compelete Beginner but an asset for Intermediate developers.

No point about reactive web or mvc (WebClient and WebFlux, respectively in Spring 5 .

Spring Microservices in Action

This is another excellent book spring cloud but focuses on Microservices. Actually, this is the first book I read on this topic before starting with Cloud-Native Java.

The Authors experience has been shown in the book . With the Explanantion and experience he has touched all basics of explaining critical microservice concepts and patterns like configuration, routing, scaling, and deploying your service with real-life examples.

This book will also teach you how to build microservice-based applications using Java and the Spring platform. You will not only learn concepts but also get some hands-on experience with microservice design as you develop and deploy your first Spring Cloud application. It touches some stuff in Linux too .

In short, an ideal book for Java developers with some Spring experience who wants to develop Microservice in Java.